Native to Japan, this blend goes back to seventh-century Japan. In the past, people have used it for its medicinal qualities that are believed to include and are not limited to: being high in essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, helps with weight loss, high in calcium, reduces fever and helps with sleep, wards off colds, flu and cancer, anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and lowers blood sugar.

Pairs with: Ramen, sushi, salad, poke bowls, cucumber salad, avocado toast

All Organic Ingredients: Sesame seeds (black, white, and hulled), Chili powder, Poppy seeds, Ginger, Kimchi chili powder, Nori, Garlic powder, Korean chili powder, Orange zest

*** Spices come pre-mixed when shipped as they cannot stay layered through shipment process.

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