our roots


With deep roots in the world of spices, Maaya Moon’s Spices is built upon culinary experience, local-seasonal produce, and flavors from around the world. The founder, Maaya Moon is an Indian woman with extensive training in agroecology and the culinary arts. Her studies around the world in search of flavor, with specific training in Southeast Asia, has led to a great understanding of herbs, spices and their complimentary counterparts.

Moon Spices strives to maintain environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging while promoting a green lifestyle. All the spices are Organic and Fair Trade while maximizing the use of recycled glass jars and materials.

The spice blends are produced with the highest quality ingredients. Their vital medicinal qualities include anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and detoxification to name only a few.

Every spice jar is equipped with descriptions of the origins and cultural uses of the spices included. This allows users to be armed with the knowledge of how spices have long been used and even inspire novel creations . Maaya Moon’s Spice Blends are a vibrant staple that help personalize kitchen aesthetics while bringing dishes to life.